Our Warehouse Management System aims to optimize the movement of your inventory throughout the supply chain.

By using AutoID solutions you are able to trace every move of your goods and equipment in real-time. Material handling equipment and warehouse staff become more agile, flexible and in general more efficient. Thanks to which all operations become smoother, your customer service improves and the return on investment is faster. 

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The JDA/RedPrairie’ Warehouse Management System has been a proven industry leader for decades. It enables fast productivity improvements in labor, inventory and warehouse space by reduction of time and costs employed. Advanced algorithms and best-in-class logistics engineering competences used while developing the system, secure strategic advantages for all types of customers. The functional scope of the system covers:

Inbound: yard management, appointment scheduling, multi-method receiving, cross-docking, put-to store, quality assurance, staging and put-away

Inventory: inventory visibility, lot-serial control, multi-level holds, counts, replenishments, VAS processing, work order processing, internationalization and slotting

Resource management: dynamic pick location assignment, equipment utilization, facility utilization, task management, automation interfaces, workforce management

Outbound: shipment order management, multi-method order picking, retail in-store and dark-store picking and processing of e-commerce orders, cartonization, shipping and parcel manifesting, sequenced staging and loading, compliant shipping documents

3PL support: multi-client architecture, billing, client-based process modeling, cross-client optimization, client visibility and reporting