You can transform your business into a performance-oriented organization by making your employees accountable for their work performance. Our Warehouse Labor Management provides you with proven methodology and change management tools that lead you through the change in your company’s culture. Provide your managers and supervisors with the tools to turn into mentors and coaches.

Learn how to grow with HKK-C and JDA Warehouse Labor Management Solution

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In order to optimize your logistics we start out with identifying the gap between your current operations and best practices available. Your standard performance expectations are defined and documented – thus enabling measurement and performance tracking programs of your employees, teams and facilities.

The JDA Warehouse Labor Management system provides you with an employee recognition program, counselling functionality and reporting tools to support you with trend analysis for your employees.

Why HKK-C and JDA?
Our experience is based on the expertise and high qualifications of our employees as well as proven technologies that have been successfully implemented on the international arena numerous times. Thanks years of experience you can count on our competence and support throughout the transformation process within your company.

All of the above come together to cope with the unique challenges any line of business might present; at the same time we attempt to highlight all of your company's assets to use them in the best way possible.

Your benefits?
Thanks to the Warehouse Labor Management system you maximize the value that your workforce can contribute to the success of your company. Quickly and easily you measure true productivity, set goals and check results. The productivity and accountability of your staff increase while utilization improves even by 10-45 percent.