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What you want is to reduce stock holding across the entire store and DC (Distribution Center) network, rather than increase safety stock in-store to allow for e-commerce allocation.

You can easily accept orders from order management system and allocate them efficiently to make better use of both store space and time.

Learn how to grow with HKK-C and JDA E-Commerce Solutions:

How it works?
Voice activation or browser-based devices can be used to send pickers to the warehouse/shop floor at an appropriate time – to be on time for the home delivery dispatch and to minimize the disruption for customers in the store.

Products are picked on carts/trolleys and marshalled into staging areas before being loaded for home delivery. Different substitution strategies may be used and customer-ready paperwork can be generated before sending the picked items electronically to the point-of-sale systems.

Distributed Order Management
Products to be picked are sometimes not where they should be, so you need to process e-commerce orders that may have been picked in any store or distribution center (DC) in the network.

With JDA E-Commerce Solution you can find the customer’s order anywhere in the store – in the changing room or on a trolley ready to go out thanks to which you avoid the negative impact on customers on the store floor.

In-Store / Dark-Store capabilities
Based on massive e-commerce growth you are forced to optimize the picking solutions. For groceries both In-Store and Dark-Store picking are supported to maximize throughput and pick rates when no customers are in the store. You manage receiving, shelf fill and refill operations, stock counting and shelf life to secure freshest products for home delivery.

Your benefits?
Thanks to the E-Commerce Solutions you are able to improve customer service with potential for ad-on sales. Enterprise inventory is reduced, its visibility and accuracy improved and special activities can be performed, like for example pre-cubing to avoid crushing of valuable goods. You perform multi-order picking and so reduce the travel time and the frequency of location visits.

You improve your customers’ all channel shopping experience by fully providing the buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere options that your customers expect. To gain loyal customers you must make the shopping experience comfortable and reliable.