We know that your Warehouse Management is a mission-critical investment

We aim to create a targeted service program that will meet your specific business goals and needs. We effectively implement best practices, improve operational methodologies, and introduce technological advancements. We ensure that you stay up to date with your product developments and so you achieve the highest performance possible.

Instant Access
Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via customer support web portal and telephone. HKK-C and JDA consultants are able to securely and remotely access your system to perform diagnostics as well as to identify and troubleshoot any existing issues. If necessary, we also provide on-site services. Instant access to online support and information is available through our customer portal and knowledge base.

Tailored Support
The problems that you might face at any time are of high importance to us. Answers to your questions and support is provided promptly and efficiently, ensuring full confidence in your warehouse and logistics solutions.

Your Benefits
Guaranteed response times
Access to knowledge base to quickly find solutions
Proactive approach thanks to comprehensive application monitoring
Highly trained consultants, ensuring the highest level of expertise
Strategic upgrade policy – 2 new releases per year
Upgrades to be implemented at any time