Make sure your solution is up and running right on time

We have the knowledge, insight, and impressive track record to make sure your chosen solution is up and running right on time – which helps to avoid unnecessary risk when using certified reliable services.

Learn how you can profit from our services:

Careful planning
Your Warehouse Management project is sure to function smoothly thanks to our clearly defined and standardized processes. Effective project management, continuous support and consultation at every stage are the key elements of our project philosophy. Your success is our goal. 

ATOM - Proven methodology
With over 30 years of experience in implementing software, JDA/RedPrairie has developed an implementation methodology that adheres to the best practices of the software industry. It provides you with a stable foundation as well as flexibility to make sure you get the results you are looking for. 

Assess - planning and design of future state solutions. After a software has been chosen together we plan out the implementation budget – so that at all times you know how and where your money is being spent. Next we concentrate on creating an implementation schedule that will fit your needs, we evaluate current state conditions in order to design the desired future state system model – Proof of Concept.

Transform - implementation of future state design across all solution components. Applications are configured to support future state design. Enhancements, conversion programs, and reporting tools are developed. After the integration of all component applications, the system is tested to validate the development, integration and critical business processes of the chosen solution. Finally, documentation is prepared for test scripts, usage procedures and training materials required to support the solution.

Own- responsibilities are transferred to business users and implementation is prepared. Our project team conducts integration testing of all conversions, data loads, procedures, exceptions, and outputs, while business users test and accept procedures, exceptions, and outputs. Performance testing of the solution and simulations of process effectiveness are conducted in a real-world environment. Finally, the facility, workforce, and post-implementation support are prepared, and the transition to the support desk takes place.

Measure – the results are calculated and assessed based on the expected return on investment. Next, steps are taken to optimize the solution and identify all additional opportunities.

The focus of our services is to increase productivity and to deliver maximum support – whenever and wherever it may be required. Throughout the entire project, we provide skilled planning, support, and maintenance that you need to be successful.