HKK-Consult is a part of HIT-Kody Kreskowe, a well-established family business with fast decision making paths. 70 professionals contribute to the fast growth of the company each day.

Our management:


Grzegorz Iglewski – CEO, has maintained constant and balanced growth of the business over more than two decades.


Jędrzej Iglewski – COO, in charge of business development. He maintains and brings the relations with our Key Partners and Customers to perfection. Fully trilingual, he is responsible for cooperation on the international market.


Tomasz Manicki – Head of consulting team. He has worked for HKK for almost 20 years, during this time he has supervised all WMS implementation processes. He has a broad knowledge of JDA-WMS functionality and implementation practices. He is fully fluent in English. 


Tomasz Poliński – Head of sales. He has worked for HKK from the very beginning thus one can say that he has grown together with the company, gaining extensive knowledge with regard to hardware based solutions and labeling. He is an expert in his field. He is fluent in English and French. He additionally has a business understanding of German.


Tomasz Olejniczak - Head of software development. Tomek and his team of engineers support both external and internal customers in everyday maintenance and development of their systems. Fully fluent in English.


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