Early 1990’s
It all started with barcodes - HIT-Kody Kreskowe became the leading provider of barcode technology on the Polish market. Today we supply over 5000 companies within Poland and the CEE region with various identification tools and solutions enabling their businesses to grow.

We established close cooperation with global providers of AutoID equipment and software to be able to fulfill the needs of customers from the areas of industry and logistics.

2000’s – Warehouse Management Solutions
The new decade started with the introduction of HIT-Magazyn - a Warehouse Management System to which HKK-C holds copyrights. This System has been designed and has proven especially successful with small to medium warehouses. The scope of HKK’s operations has been constantly extending and today we cover the entire supply chain – from raw materials to finished goods. 

During this time another strategic turning point marked the history of HKK. HKK Print started producing specialized warehouse identification labels, thanks to a major investment that allowed the purchase of a state of the art, high-tech label printing machinery. 

E2E Solutions
In 2008 HKK joined forces with another global player in Supply Chain Management - RedPrairie, which in 2012 joined forces with JDA. For over 35 years both companies have been putting commerce in motion, serving both global industry leaders and SME that shaped economy across local and national markets.

Today HKK-C, JDA’s authorized partner provides its customers with top notch solutions that demonstrate perfect inventory visibility, shortest time-to-value, and fastest return on investment.  

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